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The app is called Faves — and it’s a game-changer

Screenshots from the Faves Apple Store page

The Internet is absurdly large.

Consider this. As of today, the Internet contains an estimated 5.12 billion pages of content. And millions of new pages are being added each and every day with no end in sight.

The number is almost baffling if you think about it. What is 5.12…

Surround yourself with these three types of people

Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

If you’re a content creator, you know panic.

It’s a familiar feeling. Your everyday companion.

It feels a bit like . . .

A pounding pulse when you hit “post.” A sinking stomach when the first comment rolls in (and the agonizing seconds it takes your phone to pull up)…

And I absolutely hate feeling vulnerable

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

“The last 45 days have changed my life.”

Honestly, that’s not what I expected to hear when I got on the phone with Mitch, a LinkedIn content creator. I’d stumbled across a few of Mitch’s posts over the weeks, liking them here and commenting there. …

5 simple steps to show up, stand out, and launch your new career with a bang

Photo: Hunters Race/Unsplash

You only get one chance at a first impression.

If you’ve been around the career block a time or two, you’ve probably heard this little snippet of advice.

People decide whether you are trustworthy or not in less than a second. Your first impression sets an anchor in the mind

Moving doesn’t have to be so lonely

Photo: Tim/Unsplash

Folks are on the move again!

COVID-19 restrictions are loosening across the country. Hiring is on the rise. And 2021 graduates are donning their robes, grabbing their diplomas, and heading into the workforce. The time for big moves is upon us.

In the coming months, thousands of workers will leave…

A picture is worth a thousand words, after all

Photo by Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash

I’m starting to realize a painful truth.

As someone who’s spent, gosh, 15 years studying, practicing, and breathing the art of the written word, it’s come to my attention that words need allies. That, on their own, they aren’t enough to grab eyeballs.

Talk about a dart to the balloon…

They’re painful and they help clarify your message

Photo by Possessed Photography on Unsplash

600 characters. Two paragraphs. Maybe three, if they’re short.

That was the task before me.

The recruiting website, in all its dictatorial control, had limited my character count. It shut down my creativity and forced me into a text box that barely covered half my laptop screen.

Tell us about…

Why I’m focused on content and targeted connection instead

Photo by Yan Krukov from Pexels

I may never attend a networking event again.

Ok, never say never. There may come a day when it makes sense for me to walk into a room full of strangers again. To hand out business cards and engage in small talk. …

Here are 3 ways to make sure you walk away with value

Photo: Edmond Dantès/Pexels

Let’s be honest, mentorship is confusing.

If you’ve spent any time in the professional world, you’ve heard a lot about the hallowed mentorship. That a mentor is a must-have if you want to advance in your career. That the right mentor can unlock your potential and open doors.

But what…

What level of stress is normal and what level is a red flag?

Photo: Aarón Blanco Tejedor/Unsplash

Is there any feeling more universal than stress?

Your heart pounds. Your palms sweat. Your mind races a million miles an hour. You wonder whether this (little) setback will be the end of you. You wonder whether you left the stove on at home.

Stress. Our constant companion.

Of course…

Stephen Mostrom

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