Sunshine, beaches, and a little learning

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Summer and learning.

If you’re like me, these two words may strike you as opposites.

From the earliest of ages, the traditional school calendar quietly taught us a destructive message. It’s taught us there are times of the year for learning (boring Spring and Fall) and there are times of the year for basking in the sun and letting our minds wander (wonderful Summer).

We’ve been conditioned to treat our downtime as a kind of anti-learning time. As if learning and leisure are mutually exclusive. …

Lessons from Naomi Osaka’s bold statement

Picture a moment when you felt vulnerable.

A moment when the stress and anxiety of life started to bubble over. Your heart rate quickened. Your stomach jumped into your throat. Maybe this feeling lasted for minutes. Maybe days. Maybe weeks.

Maybe it turned into a form of depression. An overwhelming feeling that the pain and discomfort were never going to let up. That life would never get easier.

You felt stuck. Your mental health was suffering.

Now, in the midst of this vulnerability, imagine you had to stand in front of a group of hundreds of reporters. Camera lights flashing…

Moving doesn’t have to be so lonely

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Folks are on the move again!

COVID-19 restrictions are loosening across the country. Hiring is on the rise. And 2021 graduates are donning their robes, grabbing their diplomas, and heading into the workforce. The time for big moves is upon us.

In the coming months, thousands of workers will leave one city and head to another. They’ll be starting their dream job. They’ll be joining a new company. They may be on rotation, soaking in as much knowledge as they can before moving on again. They may be on the job hunt.

And you may be one of them.


Here’s what they had to say

Most who aspire to a career in business, aspire to one day be a CEO.

It’s the top job. The big decision-maker. The role that gets heaps of praise when the company does well. And barrels of blame when the company doesn’t. It’s an impossible job filled with impossible tradeoffs, and only a handful of leaders are able to find success at it.

Most fail.

So when a successful CEO opens up about their career path, and what helped them get to where they are, it’s worth paying attention to. …

Batten down the hatches

iconicbeastiary via Freepik

Sometimes we forget this simple fact.

We forget that businesses are money-making enterprises. That they exist to earn and to grow. That their principal purpose is to generate revenue and then invest that revenue into more money-making enterprises (or pay it out to the people who helped them along the way).

It’s not a flaw in the system.
It is the system.

If a business doesn’t make money, it goes “out of business.” It fails. Employees are laid off, people are out of work, and the economy suffers. Our system relies on businesses making money.

And yet, we sometimes forget…

Everyone has an agenda

Photo by Jaroslav Devia on Unsplash

Last week, the CEO of a $3.2 billion company made a bold statement about the push for remote work.

In a talk at the Wall Street Journal Future of Everything Festival, this CEO expressed his concerns. He explained that the jury wasn’t out on remote work. He explained that his company had data on which types of employees would be interested in returning to the office. And which types wouldn’t.

Here’s the quote:

“It’s also pretty obvious that those who are overly engaged with the company want to go to the office two-thirds of the time at least. …

Say hello to the 2021 Grad’s Guide to Getting Hired

Graduating college is a bit like running a marathon.

The task is grueling. Your mind and body are pushed to breaking. And at some point in the journey, almost all of us feel like giving up. Throwing in the towel. We may even question the reason for undertaking such a complex task.

Why? Why did I do this?

So by the time a college student reaches the point of graduation, much like a marathoner, there is reason to celebrate. You accomplished something huge. And you did so using your skills, your resources, and your determination.

You crossed the finish line…

Use this simple formula to breeze through “What’s your greatest weakness?”

If we’re being honest, all of us have weaknesses.

We don’t floss every night like we’re supposed to. We hit the snooze a billion times before finally getting out of bed. We forget to send the occasional email or follow-up.

We’re all . . . well . . . human.

But in the format of an interview, there isn’t much room to be human. There are two parties, both trying to size each other up. Both trying to put on their most charming selves. Trying to show off a little bit.

If the job and the applicant wind up being…

5 simple steps to show up, stand out, and launch your new career with a bang

Photo: Hunters Race/Unsplash

You only get one chance at a first impression.

If you’ve been around the career block a time or two, you’ve probably heard this little snippet of advice.

People decide whether you are trustworthy or not in less than a second. Your first impression sets an anchor in the mind of the person you just met, and that it’s tough to come back from a bad first impression.

No pressure, right?

It’s not the end of the world if your first day on the job isn’t brilliant — or even a disaster. You’ll have other chances. And you certainly shouldn’t…

It’s time to stand out in a good way

The learning curve is over, folks!

Hard to believe, but we are almost 15 months from the start of the COVID-19 lockdown. May 19th, 2020 was the day a first stay-at-home order was issued. And, for a number of us, it’s been webcam calls ever since.

If you figure the average remote worker has been taking at least two hours of Zoom or Webex calls a day. And you figure we’ve been in lockdown for 15 months. That would calculate out to almost 650 hours of video calls!

And for some of us, it’s been more than that.

Despite the…

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Program Manager @ BofA | Obsessive Learner | College Professor | Sharing Career Advice for Millenials and Gen Z

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